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Especially for first-timers, embarking on a home improvement or new Atlantis home construction project can be an adventure of a lifetime. So they single-handedly manage things, and soon realize where they are heading on and it's not a pleasant place to be. Putting on the construction hat and playing the role of your own general contractor is a serious decision which will eventually reveal technical demands, complications and exhausting commitments.

Without the skills and experience, you would surely be better off playing the role that fits you best and that would be the 'homeowner'. Not unless, you are a general contractor yourself, the chances of you getting the right contractors in various specialty trades and managing the lot of them to achieve your desired results is slim to nothing. So you're asking, 'what does he have that I don't?

Hiring an Atlantis general contractor who has already been in the business for a good number of productive years, ensures fast filling of qualified and reliable subcontractors. Being within the network, he already has an idea who has what it takes to complete the project in the most time-efficient manner. As he has already a well-established relationship with the other professionals, your project receives higher priority in terms of schedule and he would also get more competitive bids and better service. This fact alone saves you a great deal of time which instead of being used for screening and hiring could already be utilized to work on the actual job.

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